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In collaboration with Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (SM), Faculty of Political Science University Montenegro (FPN), Crime and corruption reporting network – LOUPE (LUPA) and Association of Independent Electronic Media of Montenegro (AKEM), NGO 35mm will implement project: Empowering through training: providing tools; skills recognize and fight media manipulation, fake news and propaganda in order to encourages young journalists and students of journalism to do investigative journalism on local levels in areas such as media, rule of law, corruption, human rights, good governance, environment etc., as well as to train youth leaders, NGO activists etc. in media literacy concerning areas of their interest that intersect with ever-growing dangers of wrongful media interpretations and incorrect information that is derivative of those actions.

Project will be implemented from 1 st of June 2018 until 31 st of May 2019 in 3 phases which will include: preparation and trainings; monitoring, reports and publication; and public campaigns.

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