Increasing the Capacity of Media Actors to Mitigate the Safety Risks for Journalists

Capacity building of media professionals and legal experts to promote standards and practices aimed at improving the safety of journalists is the main goal of the two-year project “Increasing the Capacity of Media Actors to Mitigate the Safety Risks for Journalists”, funded by the European Union and implemented by the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro in cooperation with partners from the Institute for Legal Studies.

During the two-year duration of the project, numerous activities will be divided into three parts. The first part focuses on raising public awareness about the various risks to the safety of journalists. This will be achieved through monitoring and documenting cases of attacks on journalists and threats directed towards them, as well as public advocacy and promotion of standards related to journalists’ safety.

The second part of the activities relates to enhancing the capacities of journalists and media in terms of standards and practices in this field. On this occasion, training will be organized for media employees and plans concerning prevention, psycho-physical, and digital safety of journalists will be developed. The last part of the activities will be directed towards improving collaboration in the implementation of standards between the media community, civil society, and the public sector.

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