Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (TUMM) was established on 13 April 2013 in Podgorica as a branch union within the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro.

TUMM aims to be an authentic representative of all employees in the Montenegrin media, which have not been organized in trade unions up to that time and their interests have not been represented. For these reasons, about thirty journalists from different media initiated the establishment of trade union two months earlier.

TUMM is composed of the trade union organizations that have previously been part of the Union of Free Trade Unions, then, the trade unions in private media that are subsequently formed, as well as individual members employed in the media, which do not have trade union organizations. Members of TUMM are the trade union organizations from the following media: RTCG, RTV Budva, Herceg Novi Radio, RTV Pljevlja, TV Vijesti, the newspaper Vijesti, the weekly Monitor, Radio Berane, RTV Rožaje, RTV Ulcinj, RTV Cetinje, New Pobjeda, Pink M, Radio Tivat and Gradska TV.

Our members are journalists but also all other media employees: cameramen, photographers, editors, lectors, and employees in the administration, in technical services, and printing houses that are part of media companies.

So far, the TUMM brings together around 600 members from more than twenty Montenegrin media or approximately about half of all workers from media sector.

The problems of media workers in Montenegro are numerous, and therefore, in the Statute, the TUMM stated the following objectives:

– Protection of the economic, working, status and social interests of its members;
– Improving the conditions for the payment of salaries and other earnings;
– Securing jobs of members;
– Representing the interests of members in solving the collective and individual labor disputes;
– Strengthening solidarity;
– Protection of professional and vocational rights, the integrity of the profession and the integrity of journalists and media workers, etc.

The Trade Union of Media is managed by the Main Board, which is the main body between the two Assemblies and consists of eleven members (including the President and two Vice-Presidents).

Since June 2014, the TUMM is a full member of the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists and participates in all their events and receives support for its activities. In addition, since April 2016 the TUMM has its representative in the EFJ Steering Committee.

TUMM representatives are members of both sessions of the Government’s Commission dealing with the control of an investigation of attacks on journalists.

We provide free legal aid to our members.