1. Protection and improvement of working rights of employees in the media;

2. Protection and improvement of the economic and social status of employees in the media;

3. Improving the conditions for payment of salaries and other types of earnings (fees);

4. Preparation, negotiation, conclusion and implementation of collective agreements in all areas and action levels;

5. Exercise and improvement of the pension insurance and other forms of security;

6. Provision of legal protection for the members and advocating for the members’ interests in solving collective and individual labor disputes;

7. Participation in making decisions that significantly affect the working conditions and rights and obligations of media employees;

8. Union and professional education of members and their empowerment;

9. Providing various benefits to employees in the media;

10. Protection of professional rights, profession integrity and media workers’ integrity;

11. Protecting the safety of media workers and advocacy for dealing with cases of attack on journalists;

12. Protection and strengthening the media freedom and freedom of speech;

13. Analysis, proposing and participation in the adoption and application of media laws and regulations;

14. Strengthening the impact on the adoption and enforcement of laws and other regulations in the media field;

15. The exercise of solidarity in interpersonal relations;

16. Cooperation with trade union organizations in Montenegro;

17. Cooperation with international trade union organizations and associations of journalists and media workers in other countries.