RTV Budva: There is a need to refine the Collective Agreement

Photo: SMCG
There is a need to improve the Collective Agreement for employees of RTV Budva, since it was signed several years ago, and in the meantime, numerous circumstances have affected the position of employees, it was assessed at a meeting of representatives of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (SMCG) and employees of that media.
The president of the SMCG, Radomir Kračković, together with his associates, visited the employees of this media, with the aim of getting to know the challenges they face in that local public service.

Photo: SMCG

Local public broadcaster Radio Television Budva is the only local broadcaster that has a Collective Agreement, which was signed in 2017. However, the workers believe that the time has come to think about it’s improvement, in order to recognize all the new challenges of working in the media.

The employees complained about the nonpayment of transportation costs, inadequate premises, the problem with the vehicle fleet… They also questioned the attitude of their colleagues towards the unions, which they usually turn to only when there is a problem, and while the situation is “regular” they do not see the benefit of membership. As they said, we must work together to fight those stereotypes.
Krackovic informed the employees about the current situation regarding the negotiations on the Branch collective agreement for media activities, and the proposals made by the Media Union. He also presented work on the Draft Law on Audio-Visual Media Services, which is currently under public debate and deals with the position of local public broadcasters.
The visit is part of the project “Unions for a fair recovery – Strengthening the role of unions in mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 crisis”, which is supported by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) with the support of the European Commission (EC).

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