Networking for better working position

The youth and freelancer network was formed within the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro. The network consists of young journalists working in the media, freelancers and students interested in journalism.

Ivana Vlaovic, coordinator of Network

At the constitutive session, it was decided that the coordinator of the Network for the next two years will be the young journalist Ivana Vlaović.

In the future, the section will work on improving the position of young people in journalism in Montenegro, through strengthening education about labor rights, increasing awareness of the importance of union organizing, but also on activities aimed at greater youth activism in society.

Session of Youth and freelancers network

The members of the Section agreed that in the coming period they will carry out numerous activities such as training, seminars, and campaigns, establish cooperation with similar organizations in the country and abroad and work on popularizing the trade union among young people.

The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro will actively support the work of the Network.

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