Condemnation of the the discriminatory statements of Markovic


Main Board SMCG supports colleague Kalac

On the occasion of the public statemensts of the lawyer Velibor Markovic on behalf of our colleague Damira Kalac, SMCG gives the following


The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro condemns the discriminatory statements of lawyer Velibor Markovic against women and the LGBT population and provides unreserved support to Vijesti journalist Damir Kalac.

Uncivilized and offensive vocabulary and the way of communication used by a lawyer must not be allowed in public. We believe that by such behavior, lawyer Markovic violates the basic principles of human rights defined by national and international legislation.

We ask the Lawyers Association of Montenegro to announce itself regarding Markovic’s comments towards women and the LGBTIQ population, and if they find a violation of the principles of the Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers, to react adequately.

Journalist Damira Kalac has dedicated her professional work to social issues and the promotion of human rights through objective reporting, so she must not be the target of discrimination and insult of lawyer Markovic, who does not like the topics she deals with.

Main Board of SMCG

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