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Support to demands of Crnogorski telekom union

The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro provides full support to colleagues from the Union of Crnogorski Telekom in their struggle to preserve the already existing rights they have under the Collective Agreement in that company. Also, we believe that their demand for salary adjustments due to the high inflation rate in Montenegro is completely justified because their salaries as salaries of all employees in the state, despite the increase at the beginning of the year, have been significantly devalued in recent months due to the large increase in prices and the total cost of living. There is a danger that this negative trend will continue in the future.
That is why we call for the continuation of the social dialogue in Crnogorski Telekom in order to achieve the fulfillment of the greatest possible part of the employees’ demands. We believe that dialogue has no alternative and that the interests of employees must be protected in a not-so-simple economic moment. Crnogorski Telekom is one of the largest and most successful Montenegrin companies, which is largely the result of the dedicated work of its employees. That is why they must be maximally protected from inflationary shocks, and the preservation of their rights, which they fought for a long time ago, should, in our opinion, be only a formality because these are acquired rights that should not be revoked.
We hope that the company will meet the demands of the Union of Crnogorski Telekom so that there will be no need for any new strikes.
Trade Union of Media of Montenegro

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