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SMCG: We strongly condemn brutal threats


The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (SMCG) strongly condemns the brutal threats made by the owner of the company “Trudbenik” Vuksan Radonjić to the journalist of Television Vijesti, Nikola Milosavić Aleksić. The threats came about because colleague Milosavić Aleksić asked questions and thus, doing his job, provoked Radonjić, whose questioning about his affairs was enough of a trigger to express his intention to rip someone’s head off. With this incident, Radonjić returned the state of freedom of the media and society as a whole to 10 years ago, when similar threats were frequent, but he also reminded us that we did not provide the basic level of security.

At the same time, SMCG welcomes the quick reaction of the police and the prosecutor’s office, and we hope that an adequate punishment will follow as a warning to Radonjic and everyone who thinks of doing something similar. A clear message must be sent from all levels that the state will in no way remain silent in the face of death threats or any attack on media employees.

This attack is the 15th case recorded this year by the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro in its attack database and the first death threat during 2023.


Trade Union of Media of Montenegro

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