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SMCG: Authorities to urgently find who is behind the threats

The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro strongly condemns the threats to the editor of the M portal Danica Nikolic and calls on the authorities to urgently determine who sent the e-mails with creepy threatening messages.
Threats to journalists and media workers in Montenegro, which continue and are increasingly frequent in the online sphere, are unacceptable, especially because of a different opinion. We repeat that all media and journalists have the right to autonomous editorial policies and that this should not be a reason for their brutal targeting.
We also call on politicians to stop calling out the media because they don’t like their reporting because that can also stimulate attackers to threaten journalists and the media and try to deal with them. A large number of attacks and threats against journalists in previous years are the result of political and social tensions in the country, and that is why political elites must be particularly sensitive to the protection of journalists’ right to free information. We remind you that during August and September, as many as six attacks and threats against journalists and media workers were registered.
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