Employees of Radio Tivat joined SMCG


Eight local public broadcasters part of Trade Union of Media of Montenegro

The trade union organisation “Public service – Radio Tivat” is a new member of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (SMCG). The decision to join this organisation to membership of SMCG was made by the Main Board last week.

Radio Tivat is one of the most stable local public broadcasters in Montenegro and its employees were not exposed to financial difficulties, which is typical of similar media, and we hope that good practice will continue in the future.

By accepting membership of colleagues from Tivat, the Main Board has been enlarged to 15 members. The new member of the Main Board on behalf of the Trade Union of Radio Tivat will be journalist Željko Komnenović.

Radio Tivat is the eighth local public broadcaster whose employees are members of SMCG.

Main Board SMCG

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