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Urgently process threats to Antena M, Sukovic and Bursac

Trade Union of Media of Montenegro strongly condemns the death threats sent via social networks to the editorial office of Antena M, editor-in-chief Darko Sukovic and columnist of that media Dragan Bursac and calls on the competent authorities to determine as soon as possible who is the person who sent the threats and process it in accordance with the law. This is all the more necessary because these are very dangerous threats, so a prompt reaction is requisite.

Death threats only because of the views expressed, unfortunately, are becoming more frequent in Montenegro and that is why the whole society should seriously address this problem. Trade Union of Media once again points out that since the beginning of the year, numerous media workers from different media, who have different editorial policies, have been the target of insults and threats in our country, and today’s threats are another proof of growing intolerance for different opinions. Editorial policy and attitudes on current social issues must never be a reason or justification for such threats because they are unacceptable in a democratic society and should be strongly opposed.


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