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Realize requests of the employees and they would not radicalize the strike


Trade union organization of Radio-Television Rozaje, which works within Trade Union of Media of Montenegro, announced to the Municipality of Rozaje, Council of that media and employer, 1 hour lasting strike of warning that will be held tomorrow, November 21, 2019, in the period from 10 untill 11 A.M. During the protest work will be completely aborted.

Trade Union of Media of Montenegro stands in solidarity with colleagues from Trade union organization of Radio-television Rozaje and we are offering them our full support in fight for their rights and their requests concerning better economic and social position of employees.

More precisely they are requesting:

– payment of all debts and resolving the issue of unpaid taxes ad contributions for employees by December 31, 2019, the latest

– harmonization the contracts of employees with the Labor Law and other acts regulating work and employment relations by December 31, 2019, the latest

– financial resources necessary for the smooth running of the work of this media house, to be provided with the budget of the municipality of Rozaje for the 2020. Budget provided for this should be sufficient to cover the gross salaries of employees and other expenses arising from regular operations in order to make the smooth working process in the Local Public Radio – Television Rozaje.

– that assembly of the Municipality of Rozaje, at the first subsequent session, make a decision on the election of new members of the Council of Radio – Television Rozaje, due to the fact that members of the existing composition are in conflict of interest.

If the strike requests would not be met, employees will start a total strike that will continue until all strike requirements will be fullfiled. SMCG and Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro will make every effort to realize the strike according to Strike Law.

We appeal to the competent authorities, the Municipality of Rozaje, the local city Assembly and the Council of RTV Rozaje to take seriously the intentions of employees and this warning strike and to start solving their problems as soon as possible.


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