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Overt Attempt at Censorship

The Trade Union of Media of Montenegro, as the largest organization dealing with media in Montenegro, which gathers more than 700 employees, fully supports and stands in solidarity with our colleague Danilo Ajković, a journalist from Television Vijesti, whom the Deputy Prime Minister Nik Đeljošaj attempted to discredit.
Đeljošaj’s attack on Ajković is unacceptable, unfounded in facts, and compromising for the entire Government, of which he is a vice president.
The refusal to accept criticism, which led to brutal insults, not only speaks of Đeljošaj’s incompetence for the important public function he holds but also represents an overt attempt at censorship, which is common in the media and difficult for journalists to deal with.
Anyone who knows anything about the media and journalism as a profession would refrain from any commentary in Đeljošaj’s position because it is the duty of politicians to create an environment that is encouraging for journalists and strengthens their position. Declaratively, Montenegrin politicians advocate for such an environment, especially when addressing Brussels, but it turns out only until their pride is hurt.
Due to all of the above, we say to Mr. Đeljošaj and all his like-minded individuals in public positions that we will not stand silently and wait for more insults and intimidation, but we will find a way to protect all our members and the profession as a whole.
Furthermore, we remind that employees in the media and the media themselves have been targets of various attacks 72 times in the past three years alone, which speaks volumes about the working conditions in the media.
Main Board of the TUMM

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