Stress and burnout are common among media workers

The second workshop on psychological first aid for media workers was organized on June 17 and 18 in Kolašin.

The workshop was led by psychologists Dragana Đokić and Radiša Šćekić, and the goal was to acquaint media workers with techniques for better overcoming stressful situations and managing burnout syndrome.

During the workshop, Đokić talked about the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy and how it can help solve work-related problems. In the practical part, it was demonstrated what the therapy sessions look like and indicated exercises that can help colleagues in need.

Šćekić emphasized the management of burnout syndrome and the techniques that can be used to prevent the problems associated with this syndrome. Through practical examples, ways of breaking down stress through social activities and with the family are presented.

The organization of the workshop was supported by the OSCE Mission in Montenegro.

“To build media solidarity among journalists in Montenegro is an important aspect of journalists’ safety both offline and online. Journalists often face pressure in performing their duties from the media management, poor service conditions, subjects of their investigation, and sometimes even from colleagues. Our goal to is to provide journalists with tools to deal with stress, sometimes threats, and how to recognize and understand symptoms of a burn-out”, said Evan Eberle, Mission’s Media Programme Manager.

The psychological support service in the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro was established in 2022, with the support of the Fojo media institute in Sweden and OSCE.

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