How to have a more efficient campaign on corruption?

Effective communication, both between sources and journalists, and between journalists and the public, is necessary to initiate investigative stories and encourage citizens to report such anomalies.

This is the message of the two-day workshop, which was organized by the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (SMCG) in cooperation with the Union of Civil Servants and Employees.

The participants were members of the Section of Youth and Freelancers of the SMCG.

Part of the workshop was dedicated to mapping the situation from the point of view of the Union of Civil Servants and Employees, so the president Tamara Goliš spoke about the most common challenges, the lack of adequate regulation and its application, but also reminded of concrete examples from practice.

“We have nepotism, cronyism, party recruitment, general conditions in competitions, buying silence with privileges, and here the question arises as to how the unions can help change the situation,” said Goliš.

The editor of the show “Reflektor” on Television Vijesti, Aleksandra Mudreša, answered that stronger cooperation between people from the system and journalists and the building of mutual trust is needed. She went on to talk about the mechanisms for starting stories and how a story can be told.

Deputy General Secretary Ivana Mihajlović presented the biggest challenges when it comes to employment and working conditions, and introduced young people to institutional responses to these challenges.

After a dynamic discussion, the participants started working on concrete campaigns on corruption, the aim of which was to address some of the mentioned examples. They had the opportunity to hear the experiences of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro, as well as examples of other organizations in creating successful campaigns.

“The answer to the question of who makes up our target audience also depends on what our message will be and what tools we will use,” said coordinator of the Youth and Freelancer Section and journalist Ivana Vlaović.

The participants will develop initial ideas in the next few months, in order to launch the campaign in May.

The organization of the workshop was supported by the Solidarity Center.

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