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TUMM: We oppose the suppression of free speech.

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The Trade Union Media of Montenegro (TUMM) strongly condemns the gross insulting of the Vice-President of the TUMM and the Vice-President of the Council of Radio and Television of Montenegro, Marijana Camovic-Velickovic, by the General Director of the Public Service, Boris Raonic. It is unnecessary to elaborate on what kind of improper and uncivilized procedure it is. Still, on this occasion, we especially point out that it is an attempt by Raonic to put pressure on Camović-Velickovic and that only because she continuously repeats what few of the public officials in this country are allowed to do – that Raonic is the illegally elected general director of the RTCG. The highest judicial instance established this, the Basic and High Courts in Podgorica and the Supreme Court of Montenegro, and his reelection is also being investigated by the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

That is why we see this action of the illegally elected director of the Public Service as an intimidation of the legally elected vice-president and member of the RTCG Council, which in itself is a reason the reaction of the president of the Council Veselin Drljevic and the Council itself, as well as other institutions that deal with the media in Montenegro.  TUMM will also inform international organizations about this attempt to silence free speech in the body that controls the work of the general director of RTCG, by that same director.

TUMM provides full support to Marijana Camovic-Velickovic in her work in the RTCG Council, where she acts completely autonomously and strives to improve the work of the Public Service and make it more transparent, given that it is financed from the budget of all citizens of Montenegro. We are sure that insults, pressure, and intimidation will not prevent her from this fight.

The main board of TUMM

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